Top 10 STEM Scholarships for Women


Despite that women outpace men in college by earning 60 percent* of all bachelor degrees, women only account for 18 percent** of STEM degrees earned by college graduates. This phenomenon demonstrates a broken pipeline for female STEM leaders. Women already lag behind men in the current economy when it comes to holding management positions. In fact, only 4.6 percent of all Fortune 500 CEOs are female.*** In this new economy, which will be highly focused on STEM jobs, we need to make sure women are better represented. Currently, women hold 24 percent**** of STEM positions, and only 9 percent*** of those women hold leadership positions in any STEM field.

This needs to change. But there are challenges beyond the broken system that women face, including the cost of higher education. The growing number of jobs and careers in STEM typically require postsecondary education; however, with the price of attending college continuing to increase, female students looking to enter this new job market are in desperate need of scholarship money to achieve their STEM dreams.

To that end, the 10 of the best scholarships available for women entering various STEM fields follow.

  1. Buildium offers a $2500 scholarship each semester to a female undergraduate or graduate student who can best answer the question of which female leader in the STEM field inspires them.
  2. Interested in computer science or a related field? Check out Visionary Integration Professional’s Women in Technology Scholarship program, which offers up to $2500.
  3. For women interested in studying cryptology The Scholarships for Women Studying Information Security offers a $10,000 scholarship.
  4. Google has produced some of the most significant developments in Internet-related technology. The Women Techmakers Scholars Program offers not only a scholarship of $10,000 but also a retreat to Google HQ where the recipient will be partnered with a Google mentor.
  5. In addition to offering a $10,000 scholarship to women, the data company Palantir provides a few select recipients with an internship opportunity at their offices.
  6. Interested in defending our country? HORIZONS Scholarship offers up to $20,000 for engineering, computer science, cybersecurity, physics, or mathematics majors who desire to go into national security work.
  7. Women interested in pursuing a career in engineering should check out the Society for Women Engineers Scholarships. Awards vary, but only one application is required for consideration for all the available scholarships!
  8. For all of our female mathematicians out there, there is the Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize. Undergraduate students who are nominated by their professors have the opportunity to win scholarships up to $1000 a year.
  9. Interested in what’s going on down under? No, not in Australia! Under the sea! Check out the Women Divers Hall of Fame for your chance at up to $2000 to have your marine biology dreams come true.
  10. Think chemistry is the STEM field for you? Women majoring in chemistry or a chemistry-related field who apply for the Priscilla Carney Jones Scholarship have the opportunity to be award $1500. This scholarship is offered for undergraduate junior and senior students.

This is just a sampling of the scholarships out there for women looking to go into a STEM career. If your desired STEM field isn’t featured here, visit to fill out a simple survey that will match you to scholarships for which you qualify.

Finally, if you find yourself not being able to afford a four-year university even after researching all your scholarship options, don’t hesitate to begin your studies at a community college and then finish your degree at a four-year university. More women in STEM are needed; don’t let the high cost of college stop you from pursuing your dream career!


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