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Solving the Problem.


We’re closing the STEM gender gap by providing critical support for women and girls.


The Challenge.


Starting from the classroom to the workplace, we’re tackling the issue at every angle through three pillars: awareness, advancement, and support.


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We’re shedding light on the lack of women in STEM and inspiring women and girls, especially in lower-income communities, to pursue a rewarding career in STEM. More than 1 in 8 women live in poverty, and we’re here to provide more opportunities and solutions for all.

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We’re providing educational workshops, informational sessions, and awarding scholarships to help advocate for more women in STEM and help those in need who may lack the resources and funding to pursue their dreams.

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From ages 6 to 34, we’re supporting women every step of the way. We’re offering unique internship and mentorship programs to further advance women in STEM, and also pushing for corporate support to help women remain in their STEM careers through a more positive workplace culture.


The representation of women in STEM matters.


Careers in mathematics, engineering, science, technology, and computing are generally dominated by men. Diversity in the workforce is crucial, and women’s experiences and knowledge can lead the way for STEM innovation and inspire generations of women to come.


A career in STEM offers women the opportunity to be involved in some of the most exciting discoveries and breakthroughs of our society. Increasing opportunities for women in STEM, through inspiration at a young age and support throughout their career, paves the way for not only greater economic success but equality for women overall.




of science professionals are women.


of computing professionals are women.



of working engineers are women.


higher salary reported for women in STEM than other industries

Our goal is to not only increase the number of women in STEM but to keep them in it.


Women in STEM are more likely than men to exit the workforce due to stressful social and environmental factors. Studies show that women in engineering and computing fields report isolation and lack of support. Women with children are especially more likely to suffer negative experiences and leave their careers to meet the demands at home.


Our mission is to advocate social responsibility for individuals and corporations nationwide to offer a synergistic environment that empowers women and girls. We’re inserting ourselves every step-of-the-way by providing educational programs early on all the way to corporate partnerships to help maintain positivity for women in the STEM workforce.  


Without women, our workforce suffers. All men and women, STEM career or not, have a role to play as we move towards a more inclusive and progressive society.


We’re all in this together.



We are all American Woman.