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no matter her life stage.


We advocate social responsibility of individuals and corporations nationwide in an effort to create a synergistic environment that supports women and girls in STEM.

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We empower women and girls nationwide to rise to their full potential by providing holistic support services at critical crossroads in her life from a girl to a woman.



Her story inspired a movement

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In 1987, Darlene Bell graduated from college with a degree in Computer Science, which was rare for women at the time. While pursuing this field she could not afford a computer, so she wrote her code on paper. Less than a year after entering the workforce, and not long after getting married, she found herself laid off due to being pregnant.

Over the course of a year and a half, she gave birth to two sets of twins, giving her four children under the age of 2. In an era that was drastically less supportive of working mothers, she had to choose between career and family. Her brave choice was that of being a stay-at-home mom. Although society was not as supportive of working moms at that time, her dedication to STEM continued on through her children and her volunteer work throughout the nation. She made sure all 6 of her children were continuously involved in STEM activities, from after-school programs to internships. They now have educational backgrounds in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences, Global Health, Finance, and Public Health. In addition she is now one of the leading voices on the Board of Directors at American Woman.

As she has said many times before "In 1987 there was a huge shortage of women in STEM, and today our society is facing this same issue. Not much has changed." She will continue to advocate for women in STEM through her children, through her community and through her voice. She believes it is essential that women and girls receive the STEM help that they deserve to truly be successful. This Hidden Figure's story is an inspiration and is a major reason why we started American Woman. Women and girls in STEM should always have support no matter what stage of life they are in.

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Voices that shape us   

across our nation and across our world.


Diversity & Inclusion

We are continuously in pursuit of understanding the underlying problem and are actively working to solve it.




We understand that our communities need us and they are not all created equal, therefore, we will support untapped female potential, as well as address issues for women in lower-income communities to succeed in STEM. 


Education & Careers

We understand the critical need to provide STEM education and career development tools that make our women and girls in STEM highly competitive.


Work Life Balance

We support her throughout her developing life stages from a young girl, to a STEM professional-wife-mother. No matter the stage we are here for you.





AMERICAN WOMAN is a non profit 501c3 charitable organization that was founded (headquartered) in Chicago, IL and is now

serving women and girls nationwide.